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Blur Plates and Faces in Images

We have scripts that you can use to blur images in a local folder. The scripts require Python3 or Docker to work. Check here for the Python installation guide.

Blur Images in a Local Folder

  1. Download into a folder
  2. Install dependencies by running this command pip install requests==2.31.0
  3. Run script -b=http://localhost:8001 --images=/path/to/images
  4. For additional options, view help by running this command python --help

Running with Docker

  1. Build Docker image
git clone
cd deep-license-plate-recognition/blur
docker build --tag platerecognizer/blur .
  1. Create and run Docker container
docker run --rm --net=host -t -v /tmp/test-images:/images platerecognizer/blur --images=/images --blur-url=http://localhost:8001
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