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Blur General#

Why is the quality of the logo in final blurred image really low?#

This happens when we have to transform the logo to fit into the shape of the plate at an angle.

Why is the blur API slower than the Snapshot Cloud solution?#

Snapshot doesn't perform any image modification and Blur has to first process the image with Snapshot before blurring.

How can I reduce the processing time?#

  1. Using the Snapshot SDK on-premise instead of Cloud API.
  2. Turning off face detection so only plates are processed
  3. Ensure you are using platerecognizer/skew-correction instead of platerecognizer/skew-correction:no-avx

How can I effectively process large images such as panoramics to find all plates?#

Use the image splitting parameters

How can I choose the best splitting parameters?#

Enable DEBUG logging and test a sample image to preview the regions of splitting for easier adjustment of the configs