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Plate Recognizer Blur

Plate Recognizer Blur lets you blur partial, dented, upside-down and other types of vehicle license plates and faces. See examples of Blur in action.


Before running Blur, make sure:

  1. You have signed the ParkPow Technical Evaluation Agreement.
  2. You have a decryption key. Passed as an env variable to the container. -e KEY=password

Contact us if you have any questions regarding above requirements.


Plate Recognizer Blur is packaged as a Docker container that you can pull from the docker hub registry by running this command:

docker pull platerecognizer/skew-correction


To update to a newer version of the container, just run:

docker container stop skew-correctiondocker pull platerecognizer/skew-correction:latest


Collect the images in a single directory. Then run this command from a terminal:

docker run \    -it \    -e KEY=password123 \    -v  /home/brian/VehicleLicensePlates:/images \    -e TOKEN=MY_TOKEN \    platerecognizer/skew-correction

The above command assumes:

  1. The images are located in /home/brian/VehicleLicensePlates
  2. The container passcode is password123

The container will send the images to the Cloud API and use the detected plate bounding boxes to perform blurring.
After processing, you will see new files in the same images folder with blur- prepended to the original file names.