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Plate Recognizer Blur

Plate Recognizer Blur lets you blur partial, dented, upside-down and other types of vehicle license plates and faces. Blur works in conjunction with both Snapshot SDK or Snapshot Cloud. For Snapshot Cloud deployment of Blur, please contact us for more info. See examples of Blur in action.

Install Options


Install Docker on your machine (Prerequisite).


This is the recommended install option.

Choose the appropriate image for the next steps

  • CPU platerecognizer/skew-correction
  • CPU with no AVX support platerecognizer/skew-correction:no-avx

Docker Compose

Quick and easy installation of Blur and Snapshot SDK onPremise. Install instructions

No Docker

Low level setup of Blur source code and Python dependencies. Install instructions


Pull the latest image using the docker pull command then restart the container if running:

docker pull platerecognizer/skew-correction:latest
docker restart skew-correction

An internet connection is required for license verification to run Blur. Is your firewall blocking the connection? see here the IP you need to add to your white list.

Blur for Image Files

Blur for Video Files

Floating button icon
CTRL + .