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How do I get the Plate Recognizer Installer?#

Please go here to download the Plate Recognizer Installer.

Plate Recognizer on-premise software runs in a Docker container. Go here to get instructions on installing Docker.

How do I get a Free Trial of Snapshot SDK or Stream?#

Please sign up on Plate Recognizer with your corporate email. As an FYI, we only permit Free Trials to corporate email accounts

Then, respond to the Welcome Email and let us know that you would like a Free Trial of Snapshot SDK or Stream.

Can I extend my Free Trial?#

We understand that some projects may get delayed due to unforseen circumstances.

Please contact us and let us know if you need to extend our Free Trial.

Is there a minimum distance and height to place the camera for optimal ALPR?#

Yes! Please refer to our article on Camera Set Up for Best ALPR.

Does the color of the image or video/camera feed impact ALPR accuracy?#

Yes, from our experience, both Snapshot and Stream ALPR engines perform better with color images rather than black and white images.

Does Vehicle Make, Model and Color identification work for my country or region?#

Yes! Our Vehicle Make, Model and Color dataset is derived from over 9,000 vehicle make models sold globally.

How do I resolve this error message: ERROR:root:Local system time may be out of sync.#

Check here on how to resolve the issue.

What does this error message mean: “Your account status has not been checked in the past 30 days. An Internet connection is required.”?#

For our Subscription services, our software sends a few bytes of data each month to validate the subscription. For added clarity, we do not send any images back from the on-premise version of Snapshot, Stream and ParkPow.

To resolve this issue, just make sure that the machine has some (intermittent OK) Internet access or a private VPN to our servers to validate the subscription.

How come Plate Recognizer is not able to correctly read this license plate?#

Our service offers great ALPR accuracy but it won’t work in all cases.

As a rule of thumb if a human can read the plate, then our ALPR engine should be able to as well. If a human can squint and read most of the plate except for maybe a character or two, then there’s a decent chance that our ALPR engine can decode it. However, if a human has a really hard time reading the license plate, then Plate Recognizer may not be able to read it correctly.

If you repeatedly get a few characters of the plate decoded incorrectly, please double check the Region ID. Please refer to Plate Recognizer API Docs for all the region codes.

Also, please share a few images with us via email so we can take a look.

Where can I get logo assets for Plate Recognizer and ParkPow?#

Download this zipped file to get Plate Recognizer and ParkPow logos.

Our media policies:

  1. Hyperlinks must be present on the logos and must point to and respectively.
  2. Email approval must be granted in order for you to legally present Plate Recognizer and ParkPow media assets on your website.
  3. Any and all Plate Recognizer and ParkPow images used — whether it is from our website, blog or other properties — must contain a source remark back to Plate Recognizer and ParkPow.

Is Plate Recognizer ALPR software GDPR compliant?#

Yes. Our On-Premise SDK can run on your hardware in your IT environment. Snapshot SDK processes all images on site and Stream processes all video/camera feeds on site. Both products do not need an Internet connection to work.

Please read more about Plate Recognizer GDPR compliance.

How is Plate Recognizer better than an open source OCR solution?#

Our Plate Recognizer core plate detection and plate decoding algorithms are far superior to plain OCR solutions. Further, we have added a number of enhancements in our ALPR solution to take into account various real-life situations, such as blurry images, diverse lighting conditions, low resolution, images with vehicles taken from the side, etc.

Don’t take our word for it. Sign up for a Free Trial today!

Does Plate Recognizer comply with GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy laws?#

Yes! We are compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy laws. For added measure, if you are concerned about data privacy, we recommend you use our Snapshot SDK or Stream, which processes images on premise. That way, you do not need to send images over to our Snapshot Cloud.

Can I run Plate Recognizer within my own IT environment?#

Yes! Plate Recognizer Snapshot SDK and Stream runs on-premise, in your IT environment. You can also run Plate Recognizer on your favorite cloud provider, such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

How do I get notified of a software update?#

Please go to our Trello board ( and check Watch on the right hand side column. When new updates are posted, you will automatically get an email notification.

Can I get software updates with a Perpetual License?#

Per our Terms, you can get software updates only when you have an Annual Maintenance plan with your Perpetual License for Stream and Snapshot SDK. If your Annual Maintenance is not in good standing (e.g. expired), then you are not eligible to receive software updates.

How do I get a monthly invoice for my subscription?#

Please go to your Account page and click on your email address. There, in the dropdown menu, you will see Invoice.