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Manual Installation Steps

You can go through the steps below to manually install USDOT OCR On Premise with Docker.


For the commands below, make sure to change XXXXX with your License Key and YYYYY with your Plate Recognizer Token. Get your token and license key. Use On Premise Licenses.

List of Docker Images

There are Docker images for various architectures. The image structure is

  • <architecture>
    • x86 usdot
  • <version>: leave blank for latest.
  • To see the list of tags, select an image from Docker Hub and then click "Tags".

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Image for x86 with a specific version: platerecognizer/usdot:1.0.0
  • Image for x86 with the latest version: platerecognizer/usdot


Installation on an Intel CPU

Abbreviated installation steps below. For a detailed, step-by-step guide, see the Install Docker and SDK on Windows and the associated FAQ for help.

  1. Sign up and log in.
  2. Subscribe to a USDOT OCR On Premise plan.
  3. Install Docker on your local machine. See requirements.
  4. Get our On Premise image. In a terminal run docker pull platerecognizer/usdot
  5. Install and run the docker container:
docker run --restart="unless-stopped" -t -p 8001:8001 -v license:/license \

Calling the API

The docker container exposes a REST interface. To verify that the installation was successful, run those commands in a new terminal. Replace localhost with the IP address of the machine running the docker container, if not the same one.

# Get a picture
curl -o usdot.jpg
# And read the usdot information
curl -F "[email protected]" http://localhost:8001/predict/

View the output format documentation and read about parameters to learn how to customize the output.

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