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Manual Installation Steps

If for some reason, you prefer not to use Plate Recognizer Installer, you can go through the steps below to manually install Stream with Docker.


Create a folder for the Stream application and folder storage. This is where all output files will be stored as /user-data/. For example:



Install Docker and make sure Docker is running.


If using Docker Desktop on Windows with the legacy Hyper-V backend and not WSL2, make sure to check this box (next to C) for Resource File Sharing and the click “Apply & Restart”. Step 2


Open up CMD Command Prompt Step 3


In Command Prompt, run the following command:

docker pull platerecognizer/alpr-stream

If you are running Stream on Nvidia Jetson devices, run the following command.

docker pull platerecognizer/alpr-stream:jetson

Step 4

List of Docker Images#

If you want to use a specific version of the software, set a tag. For example, platerecognizer/alpr-stream:jetson-1.28.1-r32.6.1. To see the whole list, open our image on Docker Hub and then click "Tags".

  • Intel x86 platerecognizer/alpr-stream
  • Intel x86 built for Thailand platerecognizer/alpr-stream:thailand
  • Intel x86 built for Germany platerecognizer/alpr-stream:germany
  • Nvidia Jetson (with GPU) platerecognizer/alpr-stream:jetson
  • Nvidia Jetson (with GPU) built for Thailand platerecognizer/alpr-stream:thailand-jetson
  • Nvidia Jetson (with GPU) built for Germany platerecognizer/alpr-stream:germany-jetson