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User Guide

DashboardHigh-level summary to see what's happening across all the cameras.
MapsVisualize and track alerts from different locations.
AnalyticsTraffic summary, View and Compare Visits by specified date range.
VehiclesCustom Fields, Vehicle Tags, Add, Import, and Integrate Vehicle Data.
AlertsReceive alerts via email, MQTT, or webhook to a third-party system.
ReviewFilter, Split, Edit or Delete Activities. Merge Vehicles.
Activity Log AuditCheck the main system logs to determine the responsible parties, times, dates, and actions performed.
Settings/Custom Vehicle FieldsCreate and manage custom vehicle fields.
Settings/Vehicle TagsCreate and Manage Vehicle Tags
Settings/AlertsCreate and Manage alert templates, View MQTT connection details.
Settings/WebhooksManage Alert Webhook configurations.
Settings/Account ManagementGeneral settings. Timezone, Logo, Organization name, ParkPow working Mode and more.
Settings/SitesCreate and Manage different locations such as Parking Lots.
Settings/Parking Spot TagsManage Parking Spot Tags for ParkPow Spotter.
Settings/CamerasView and Manage Cameras.
Settings/Occupancy SignView Occupancy sign.
Settings/UsersInvite new users and manage users and roles.
Settings/System InfoParkPow system info.
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